In order to maintain a professional chat environment, please read and understand the following:

  1. Per SEC regulation, our moderators are not investment advisors. Therefore, DO NOT ask any moderator to look at your watch list/portfolio in chat or by email, we simply will not answer.

  2. The moderators are under no obligation to tell you when or if they bought/sold a stock or at what price. You must decide on your own whether or not to initiate or exit a position.

  3. Refrain from swearing, implied swearing, political, disrespectful commentary, harassment and offensive remarks at all times.  There will be no warning for these types of behaviors, you will simply be muted from the chat room for the day. 

  4. From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm ET, limit off topic chat. Keep your trade ideas in real time, brief, meaningful and focused. All trade ideas are welcome but understand that the room will have no interest in illiquid stocks. Our focus will be on small caps, momentum and volume trades. Use General Chat to share trade ideas and alerts and use the Break Room for all other conversations.

  5. Use all CAPS for stock symbols and give a brief reason for your alert using Acronyms and Key Terminology below.

  6. Do not use outside links.Instead, shorten the link with the use of

  7. No pumping, promoting or bashing stocks. If there is relevant news, briefly summarize it. Do not copy and paste press releases.

  8. Failure to follow chat guidelines does not come with a warning. Our moderators reserve the right to mute clients from chat or permanently ban clients exhibiting inappropriate, disrespectful or disruptive behavior when necessary.

  9. There will be no refund to clients that violate these chat guidelines.

  10. Learn, come with a trading plan, contribute to the room, trade well and make our chat community one that you are proud to be a part of!


Key Terms and Acronyms  


  • hod - high of day
  • lod - low of day
  • eod - end of day
  • o/n - overnight
  • 52h- new 52 week high
  • 52l- new 52 week low
  • ah – after hours trades
  • e/r - Earnings Report
  • pre- Pre-market trades
  • b/o – breakout
  • c/c – candle over candle
  • curl or creeping – coming out of consolidation in a continuation pattern
  • d/t – day trade, hold time minutes to hours
  • s/t – swing trade, hold time one to four days
  • r – resistance
  • s – support
  • s/r – support and resistance, e.g. s/r $6.00 / $10.50
  • green- price is above prior day closing price
  • red- price is below prior day close
  • "green to red" - stock was above prior day's close, but now has dropped below
  • “red to green” – stock was below prior day’s close, but now has rose above it
  • adr -average day range over a certain number of days, i.e. ADR(30), the higher the number, the more volatile
  • ubb- Upper Bollinger Band
  • lbb -Lower Bollinger Band
  • low float -usually small cap companies with fewer shares issued and a lot of those shares owned by insiders or institutions. Hence lower number of shares actively traded. That increases volatility and potential for short squeeze or drop/rise on E/R or news.
  • r/r- risk/reward