Dale is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he majored in business and finance. He started his own construction company at age 24 and had a twenty-six-year career in which he designed and built over five-hundred custom homes, condominiums, office buildings and medical clinics. During that period he also developed four sub-divisions, totalling approximately 300 residential units. He was also the General Partner in three real-estate partnerships that acquired apartment complexes which were converted to condominiums.

At age 50, he became a partner in an investment brokerage firm, Roney & Co. and handled investments for municipal and company pension funds. Roney & Co. was a regional investment firm with seven-hundred employees and thirty-two offices in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. The partners decided to sell the seventy-five-year-old company to a major bank in 2000 just before the market crash. Dale remained an investment broker with the firm until he retired in 2006. Since that time he has become a student of options trading and trades for his own account.

Today, at 82, Dale enjoys excellent health and is very active in exercise and yoga. He and his wife Sascha, reside in a home he designed and built twenty-one-years-ago in Bloomfield, Michigan.